Meet Brahvia






We are inspired by innovation, work excites us and great results is what drives us.
We understand how to translate what can seem unprofound online interaction of your customers into engaging conversations that make your brand more meaningful and impactful to their lives.
We look at our clients as partners, and more often than not as friends and family we enjoy working with. Anything from Facebook, Twitter, Google and beyond we drive strategies to increase the bottom line. We look for business relationships where we can grow together.

Our Team


Brandon Fargo

Messenger Bot Scientist

Rita Veiga

Messenger Bot Scientist
Web Design

Marco Hernandez

Web Design & CRO Expert
Account Manager

Briana Osuna

Account Manager

Brandon Fargo was born and raised in San Diego and has been a part of the community his entire life. 

His first job, was digging ditches and working construction in the family business of Real Estate Development.He went on to manage multi million dollar spec homes and very complex projects until the Real Estate Market collapsed in 2007. He then went on working in the stock market, representing high profile Hedge Fund Managers, Traders and Money Managers.

This is where he found his passion for sales and marketing and was responsible for raising millions of dollars in investment capital for some of the top 1% Traders, Money Managers and Investors in the world.


Eventually Brandon fell more in love with non-traditional marketing and ultimately Social Media Marketing and utilizing these channels to help people stand out and be able to tell their brand story. In March of 2016, Brandon started Brahvia Consulting with a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed online in an extremely competitive field by implementing a marketing plan that would utilize the latest up and coming technologies and sales channels. Brandon has developed many social media, digital marketing, inbound and outbound sales strategies to help businesses generate more leads and sales in today’s competitive economic climate.